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can i click my own ads of website and mobile?

can i click my own ads of website and mobile?

It's extremely risky so don't even think about it. If you are doing this, I am 100% sure that your Adsense Account will be banned for life.

How Google knows about "Illegal Click Activity"?

Google Follows many complex algorithms for determining whether a click is "Legit" or "Illegal". No one except Google can provide you deep information about it. However, I can provide you a simple example which is enough for determining whether the clicks are "Legit" or "Fraud". 

 When genuine visitors click on Ads displayed on your site, it normally results in conversion. For example- If Adsense is showing an Ad related to any E-Mail Marketing Software which is providing a free trial to its users, you expect Sign-Ups from the interested users. If they do, it's called conversion and such clicks are called "Legit Clicks".

When you start clicking on your Own Ads, it doesn't convert. I mean, you just click on different Ads on your site. You never purchase any product or help in conversion. This kind of clicks is termed as "Fraud Clicks" because it doesn't give any kind of benefit to Advertisers who pay Google to advertise their product.

There are many methods including IP address tracking to find out the illegal clicks on Adsense ads. Google is very serious about this matter and as Amit told that user may get a lifetime ban for this. I would suggest showing AdSense ads once your site starts getting more than 3000 - 5000 views per day. And then keep adding good stuff and user-friendly, helpful stuff on your site. Gradually your Adsense earnings will increase. Have Patience

Basically, there is only 2 main factor behind your AdSense account disabled and disapproved 

1] Adsense account invalid activity as the main reason for Adsense disabled

2] Adsense account disabled or disapproved for Adsense policy reasons

In Google Post It's Says
“Although publishers are not permitted to click on their own ads for any reason, we do understand that accidental clicks may occur. We, therefore, don’t require that you contact us every time you click on your ads. Rest assured that your account is being properly credited for all clicks and impressions we consider to be valid.”

I would not recommend doing it for two reasons:

1) Google uses multiple methods to detect misuse and if you're detected any money you may have won will be removed from your account and given back to advertisers, plus you'll be blocked forever.
2) You disrupt the business model, the reason you can use Google services for free is that someone else is paying for it (advertisers). By trying to cheat the system you're not doing a service to others or yourself. If everyone did that, eventually you'd have to start paying for Google. 

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